Wednesday, August 31, 2011

much assembly required


Here on Substantiopetrapopulus there is an expression of affection that takes the form of a collection of Others' introspection (thence funneled into the serendipitous perfection of a multi-track compression) in which the enamored one in question, after a session of deep and mesmerized reflection, has compiled a selection of apropos lyrics and a painstakingly just-so progression of musical ministrations.

AKA, The Mixed Tape. One lover to another, or a friend to a friend. A compilation of songs meant to convey a variegated yet cohesive audio-quilt of simpatico sentiment.

Typically, the mixed tape runs between 10 and 30 songs (depending on the degree of the giver's obnoxiousness and/ or the extent to which the giver suspects the receiver needs a thoroughgoing, propagandized force-feed).


The assemblage of a poetry manuscript to be submitted to a particular contest, I have found, is like the making of a mixed tape. Except on steroids and for the behoof of an indeterminate audience.


  1. I don't know why but that cracked me up .......may be a little delirious from working out in the heat but the intro and those pics are too funny to me

  2. NOW we give beloveds a loaded ipod shuffle...get with it, Jonathan. ;)

    Love the pictures. You are hard at work: bravo. Total crazy poet hormones reign during this process. Drink some tea and sigh happily over being done with it!

  3. ha, yes, Hannah! You know I am always behind the times.