Friday, August 6, 2010

Poem seeking title . . . any ideas?

(it's also brand-new-ish, so other suggestions are welcome)

Corinne beneath the willow dressed
In yellow like the sun above
The cirrus clouds.

Imaginant with wild ideas,
She clarinets, chasses, and whirls—
A girl apart

From others, gauzily concealed
By fountains of frosted green leaves.
The wind-songs rise

Into the slouching boughs—fireflies
Of quarter-notes. Corinne—the friend
Of enemies,

The lover, soft and young, of brutes
And vagabonds. The willow waves
Its valances

In time with music unheard-of
Since time began—the billioned years,
so long ago.

She goes. She goes. Around the tree,
Corinne, her clarinet, her dress
Chiffoned by wild

Ideas and sun.


  1. My titles usually lack depth. So, having read the poem once, quickly, this is what came to mind immediately. I'll read again later a few times and perhaps come up with something different:



  2. I am no poet, but here's my thought, "the Willow and Corinne" because the poem is about both of them and doesn't favor one over the other.
    But, if you want to title it from the poem, I like "She goes. Around the Tree". I think that's my favorite line.

  3. For some reason "Paramour or Less" strikes me.