Saturday, June 19, 2010

debauchment and verisimilarity

Here's a little self-mockery to lighten the mood.

Champagne and Orange Juice

Let’s parody the poets for remembering us

In their blankety free verse, anonymous

Contributors to our self-worth.

Thank you.

That we effloresce without being aware

Of our ebullience is a tribute to our naked

Humility, a source of pride, really,

We should rejoice.

And how can we

Thank you for the subtle debauchment

Of our bargain souls?

Let’s parody the verisimilarity of words to things

Made up; let’s ape the mirror,

Acknowledge the gospel reflected in the glare

Of our asses.

They’re all so wry—the poets. So tongue-cheeked

And foxy. So literally figurative as selves like humans.

Sipping mimosas, mimesis as catharsis. Things come

To them in a flurry of mixed metaphors which they

Separate as all good recyclers do.


  1. that's supposed to lighten the mood? ;)

  2. I know I feel a little better when I read it. It helps if one fancies oneself to be the exception.