Monday, April 12, 2010

for starters

Congratulations, Ether. Accept my surrender. Here are my words--the Empty flung into the Emptiness. For years you have cajoled me with your Ubiquity, taunted with your Infinite Gestures. For years, I stood my ground, evading the TransGlobal ooze of Connectivity, refusing to follow every cornflower hypertext through every looking glass, down every rabbit hole, into the Multiverse, clicking, clicking, clicking, until at last, in the Effluvium Haze, there kneels me, or a Spectral Facsimile, broken, bleary-eyed, surrendering. So tou--effing--che, Ether! Eat your heart out. And mine.

With that being said, as for the rest of you, welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting. If you have a blog of your own . . . follow me and I'll follow you. We'll pirouette the endless circles.

And now [not so much drum-roll as sickly kazoo], ladies and gentlemen, without lesser ado and despite the laughing crows, let's begin.

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  1. "Could I have some more, please" [ bowl in hands held up by one whose eyes are full of hope ]